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The Glory of God in the Gospel of God: Preaching the Book of Romans (ch. 1)

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

J. Aaron White

I blush to post this series of blogs. Men of much greater intellectual and spiritual stature than I have masterfully unpacked Paul's magnum opus, the Book of Romans. Yet I experienced the joy (and headache) of preaching through Romans for over four years to a local congregation. I realize that four years is a paltry attempt compared to the likes of Lloyd-Jones or Piper, but I tried nonetheless.

What follows is my attempt to help you, fellow preacher, bring your flock joyfully, soundly, and Christ-exaltingly through the Book of Romans. The sermon outlines provided are in no way meant to bind your conscience. If you feel that your exegesis is clearer and more faithful to the text, please use your own!

(Romans 1:1) - Gospel Servant: The Power of Grace in the Life of Paul

Main Point: The power of God's grace radically changed Paul's life by altering his . . .

I. Identity

II. Office

III. Purpose

(Romans 1:1b-7) - Gospel Greetings: The Revelation of Christ and the History of Redemption

Main Point: God has always planned to extend grace to sinful men through his gospel. Therefore, we must understand that the gospel of God . . .

I. Was promised long ago and was fulfilled in Christ (vv. 1b-4)

II. Demands and empowers Christ-exalting obedience (vv. 5-6)

III. Brings incalculable blessings to sinners made holy (v. 7)

(Romans 1:8-15) - Gospel Burden: The Heart of a Servant Revealed

Main Point: The weightiness of the gospel of God compels its servants to . . .

I. Praise God for his grace in others' lives (v. 8)

II. Willingly and persistently serve others as an act of worship (vv. 9-10)

III. Lovingly and humbly strive for the maturity of others (vv. 11-13)

IV. Become servants to all manner of people for their joy in God (v. 14)

V. Be eager to embrace the primacy of the gospel for all of life (v. 15)

(Romans 1:16-17) - Gospel Thesis: The Salvation of God for All Who Believe

Main Point: We should boldly proclaim the gospel since it is . . .

I. Absolutely scandalous (v. 16a)

II. Gloriously powerful (v. 16b)

III. Freely offered (v. 16c)

IV. God-centered (v. 17a)

V. Faith-fueled (v. 17b)

(Romans 1:18-20) - No Excuses: God's Wrath and Man's Suppression of Truth

Main Point: God is vindicated in his condemnation of every human being since . . .

I. Everyone everywhere maliciously despises him

II. Everyone everywhere is guilty before him

(Romans 1:21-24) - The Foolish Exchange: God's Wrath of Abandonment and Idolatry

Main Point: Apart from the redeeming grace of Christ, we are all foolish idolaters. Therefore . . .

I. Our affections are not for God (vv. 20b-21)

II. Our affections are for gods (vv. 22-23)

III. Our punishment is both present and preparatory (v. 24)

IV. Our remedy is reoriented worship

(Romans 1:25-27) - The Unnatural Exchange: God's Wrath of Abandonment and Perversion

Main Point: Like all sin, homosexuality is primarily rooted in the heart. Therefore . . .

I. It is a worship disorder (v. 25)

II. It is rebellion against God's design (vv. 26-27)

III. It is not immune to the gospel

(Romans 1:28-31) - The Arrogant Exchange: God's Wrath of Abandonment and Man's Depravity

Main Point: Fallen man is not merely prone to mistakes or bad habits; he is saturated with ungodliness. Therefore . . .

I. He disapproves of knowing God intimately (v. 28)

II. He disapproves of treasuring God supremely (vv. 29-31)

III. He contributes nothing to his salvation

(Romans 1:32) - The Final Indictment: Man's Conscience and Objective Morality

Main Point: Fallen man's wholesale rejection of God leads to a downward spiral of sin and judgment. Therefore, we must see that . . .

I. Fallen man possesses and awareness of objective truth

II. The pit of human depravity is evidenced by the sanctioning of sin

III. Our day demands brokenhearted proclamation and joyful endurance

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