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Planning a Series

The Sermon Series Template is designed to help you think strategically and holistically about a series as you develop it.  If you view a series like a book or a movie, this can help clarify that you have developed the beginning, middle, and end of your story.  Feel free to tweak and customize to your unique needs.

  • SERIES TITLE—name your series.

  • DATE/SEASON/LENGTH—for example, May 2-16/Spring/3 weeks

  • GIST: A short summary of where you are going and what you hope to accomplish with the series.  Include the issues you plan to raise and address.  Perhaps add a statement as to why you think someone should listen or benefit from applying the truths from this series.

  • DATE: When you expect to deliver the sermon.

  • TEXT: The text you will preach.

  • FCF: What area of unbelief will you challenge?  (See note at the bottom of the template)

  • VALUE: Does your sermon support one of your church’s values?  Great opportunity to reinforce it.

  • BIG IDEA: What is the main point of the sermon?  

  • HOOK: How are you going to gain the attention of your audience, drive up need, and orient people to the text?  

  • ACTION: What are you going to ask people to do?  Example—Watch X on “Right Now Media” or perhaps read X Bible Plan on “You Version.”

  • NOTES: Additional thoughts you have as you develop the series.

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