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The Glory of God in the Gospel of God: Preaching the Book of Romans (ch. 8, pt. 3)

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

by J. Aaron White

I blush to post this series of blogs. Men of much greater intellectual and spiritual stature than I have masterfully unpacked Paul's magnum opus, the Book of Romans. Yet I experienced the joy (and headache) of preaching through Romans for over four years to a local congregation. I realize that four years is a paltry attempt compared to the likes of Lloyd-Jones or Piper, but I tried nonetheless.

What follows is my attempt to help you, fellow preacher, bring your flock joyfully, soundly, and Christ-exaltingly through the Book of Romans. The sermon outlines provided are in no way meant to bind your conscience. If you feel that your exegesis is clearer and more faithful to the text, please use your own!

(Romans 8:26-27) The Pilgrim's Prayer: The Holy Spirit and the Cries of God's Children

Main Point: Believers do not know how to perfectly pray for God’s will to be done in their lives. Therefore, the Holy Spirit . . .

I. Makes up for their finite understanding (v. 26a)

II. Conforms and articulates their deepest longings (v. 26b)

III. Always receives an answer from God (v. 27)

(Romans 8:28) Suffering and Sovereignty: God's Presence, Purpose, and Power in Our Pain

Main Point: Suffering believers have the assurance that God is working in the present for their ultimate good. Therefore, God’s providence . . .

I. Calls for sober reflection and study

II. Encompasses both pain and pleasure

III. Focuses his love peculiarly on believers

(Romans 8:29) The Purpose of Predestination: Our Joy and the Glory of Jesus Christ

Main Point: God’s sovereign decree to save the elect and glorify his Son is unstoppable. It includes a . . .

I. Specific People

II. Specific Plan

III. Specific Praise

(Romans 8:30) The Glad Shackles of the Golden Chain: Resting in God's Steadfast Promises

Main Point: For the believer, suffering and groaning in this life are not obstacles to God’s plan because . . .

I. Link 1: He Decrees Their Destiny

II. Link 2: He Opens Their Eyes

III. Link 3: He Pardons Their Guilt

IV. Link 4: He Secures Their Joy

(Romans 8:31-32) God For Us: Mocking Our Suffering with the Sure Promises of the Gospel

Main Point: The suffering of this life pales in comparison to what God has done for us in Christ. He has secured . . .

I. An Exhaustive Salvation (v. 31)

II. An Effective Salvation (v. 32a)

III. An Engulfing Salvation (v. 32b)

(Romans 8:33-34) Breaking the Serpent's Fangs: Our Accuser in the Court of the Gospel

Main Point: Believers need not fear the Day of Judgment because . . .

I. Their Judge Has Already Given a Verdict (v. 33)

II. Their Defense Attorney is the Evidence (v. 34)

III. Their Prosecutor is Silenced and Defeated

(Romans 8:35-37) Grinning Sheep: The Perplexing Joy of God's Children

Main Point: Even though we suffer tribulation and trials, our joy is unshakable. We must realize . . .

I. What Could Happen (v. 35)

II. What Does Happen (v. 36)

III. What Will Happen (v. 37)

(Romans 8:38-39) We Are Sure: Living by Faith in the Promises of God

Main Point: There is no conceivable threat that can thwart God’s promise to bring us home. We are assured by . . .

I. The Testimony of Other Believers (v. 38a)

II. The Nature of God Himself (v. 38b-39a)

III. The Quality of Christ’s Love (39b)

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