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Titus in 7 Sermons (Series)

In this brief letter, Paul guides Titus to bring structure and order to the church on Crete. The purpose of bringing structure and order is to help believers live a devoted Christian life focused on serving God and others. I divided the book into seven sermons.

  • 1:1-4: A life changed by God is marked by duty and devotion.

  • 1:5-9: Preparing for leadership opportunities.

  • 1:10-16: The importance of discernment.

  • 2:1-10: Disciple-making Disciple.

  • 2:11-15: God is worthy of our duty and devotion.

  • 3:1-8: Strive to reach people for Jesus and lead them to growing relationship with Him.

  • 3:9-15: Impact the world through service.

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