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The Life of Abraham in 8 Sermons

The life of faith is a journey. In Genesis 12-25 we find the story of Abraham and his journey. Here is a way to preach Abraham's story in 8 sermons.

  • Genesis 12:1-9: A Journey of Faith is a Journey of Obedience and Movement.

  • Genesis 13: Trust God and Move Forward.

  • Genesis 14: A Growing Faith is an Active Faith.

  • Genesis 15: Faith Can be Fortified by Remembering and Believing God's Promise.

  • Genesis 16: The Journey of Faith Requires Patience and Self-Control.

  • Genesis 17: A Journey of Faith Requires Commitment.

  • Genesis 22: A Vibrant Faith is a Tested Faith.

  • Genesis 25:7-8 + Various Supporting Texts: God Finishes What He Starts.

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