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Philippians in 14 Sermons

In Paul’s letter to the Philippians, he encourages them to live out the gospel in the day to day matters of life. Regardless of their circumstances, the gospel allows them to respond with joy and contentment in Christ.

  • 1:1-5: Joy comes from partnership in the gospel.

  • 1:6-11: Prayer can, and should be, marked with joy.

  • 1:12-18: Our view of life is shaped by the gospel.

  • 1:19-26: Jesus changes what we live for.

  • 1:27-30: Our conduct should match our citizenship.

  • 2:1-11: We live out the gospel by loving each other like Jesus loves us.

  • 2:12-18: Gospel citizens endure to the end.

  • 2:19-30: Christians should be Christ-minded.

  • 3:1-11: In Christ, assets becomes losses and losses become gains.

  • 3:12-16: Mature believers assess who they are in light of the gospel.

  • 3:17-21: Pursue Jesus until you cross the finish line.

  • 4:1-3, 21-23: Real relationships take work, but they’re worth it.

  • 4:4-9: To stand firm in Christ requires change.

  • 4:10-20: Spiritual wealth comes through contentment and sacrifice.

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