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Job In 5 Sermons (Series)

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Job's story is one from riches to rags. It makes little sense and he is confused, angry, and frustrated for most of the book. He has lots of "why" questions...just like us when we are surprised, disappointed, and disoriented by our circumstances. I have divided the book of Job into five sermons with the aim to discover life lessons from Job's experience to help us respond better when life offers us less the the best ever.

  • Job 1-2: God is always in control and never surprised.

  • Job 3: Suffering is painful, but not pointless, because it points to Christ.

  • Job 4-37: There is no substitute for the voice of God in your life.

  • Job 38-42:6: What you want is relief. What you need is truth.

  • Job 42:7-17: The primary purpose of suffering is to make God known to us.

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