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James in 15 Sermons (Series)

James uses the word “brother” or “brothers” nineteen times in just five chapters. Nineteen times, he evokes this word which reminds believers of the unique family relationships in the church. This book is a manual for Christian growth within the community of faith. James is just one brother looking another brother in the eye and encouraging him as he runs the race. As he spurs on his brothers and sisters, James tackles fourteen major issues with honesty and grace.

James 1:1-8: Suffering, pt.1

James 1:9-12: Suffering, pt.2

James 1:13-18: Temptation

James 1:19-25: Scripture

James 1:26-27: Authenticity

James 2:1-13: Bigotry

James 2:14-26: Faith

James 3:1-12: Communication

James 3:13-18: Wisdom

James 4:1-10: Worldliness

James 4:11-17: Submission

James 5:1-6: Money

James 5:7-12: Patience

James 5:13-18: Prayer

James 5:19-20: Rescue

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