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1 Samuel in 23 Sermons (Series)

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

The author of 1 Samuel reveals God’s grand redemptive narrative as he pens intimate narratives from Israel’s history. Each narrative in 1 Samuel reveals another epic event—sometimes a hero story, sometimes a song of gratitude, sometimes a literary tragedy. Yet each story, fascinating in its own right, finds its ultimate meaning because of its inclusion in the grand story. Each hero story points us to Jesus, the ultimate Hero. Each tragedy reminds us of the tragedy of those lost in sin. Each battle story glances ahead to Jesus’ defeat of the Serpent and His conquest of death. Each fugitive story is our story, wandering lost awaiting our King to rescue us. What a joy to open this great book each Sunday morning and hear the story of all stories—the old, old story of a Savior who came from glory.

  • 1 Samuel 1:1—28: God delivers desperate people.

  • 1 Samuel 2:1—10: An unexpected reversal of fortune produces a joyful song.

  • 1 Samuel 2:12-36: Because of their influence, leaders face a stricter judgment.

  • 1 Samuel 3:1—21: God’s people listen to God’s Word.

  • 1 Samuel 4:1—22: God’s character provides reason to trust His Word.

  • 1 Samuel 5:1—6:21: God alone is glorious.

  • 1 Samuel 7:1—17: God restores broken people.

  • 1 Samuel 8:1—22: Humanity’s greatest problem is trusting man instead of God.

  • 1 Samuel 9:1—11:15: God establishes kings and kingdoms.

  • 1 Samuel 12:1—25: Return to the Lord for mercy and forgiveness.

  • 1 Samuel 13:1—14:52: True success comes through total submission to God.

  • 1 Samuel 15:1—35: Disobedience is deadly.

  • 1 Samuel 16:1—23: Faith reveals what our eyes cannot see.

  • 1 Samuel 17:1—58: Salvation comes through God’s chosen champion.

  • 1 Samuel 18:1—30: The quickest path to fear and misery is rejecting God’s rule.

  • 1 Samuel 19:1—20:42: God is always working to bring His plan to pass.

  • 1 Samuel 21:1—22:23: The condition of the heart determines one’s response to difficult circumstances.

  • 1 Samuel 23:1—24:22: The hand of God is greater than the hand of man.

  • 1 Samuel 25:1—44: Correct posture toward the king is the difference between life and death.

  • 1 Samuel 26:1—27:12: Courage comes from confidence in God.

  • 1 Samuel 28:1—25: Sin is deceptive and devastating.

  • 1 Samuel 29:1—30:31: The victorious king is righteous but rejected.

  • 1 Samuel 31:1—13: Rejecting God leads to destruction.

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