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Daniel In 10 Sermons (Series)

While there are different ways to approach preaching the book of Daniel, I decided to approach Daniel as a canvas on which was gloriously painted, the nature and character of God. Of course, this does not mean that the cultural context and individual characters are unimportant. But it does mean that they are less important. My hope and desire was to show the staggering glory of God displayed through the book of Daniel.

  • Daniel 1:1-21—The God Who is Sovereign

  • Daniel 2:1-49—The God Who is Wise

  • Daniel 3:1-30—The God Who Saves

  • Daniel 4:1-37—The God Who Humbles and Restores

  • Daniel 5:1-31—The God Who Judges

  • Daniel 6:1-28—The God Who Rescues

  • Daniel 7:1-28—The God Who Rules (Part 1)

  • Daniel 8:1-27—The God Who Rules (Part 2)

  • Daniel 9:1-27—The God Who Listens

  • Daniel 10-12—The God Who Wins

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