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Genesis 1-11 in 7 Sermons

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

One could certainly spend a lot of time in the first eleven chapters of the first book of the Bible, but if you desire to offer your people a less detailed introduction, here is one way to outline your series.

I titled my series, "Beginnings" and covered the chapters in 7 weeks.

  • Genesis 1-2:3: God Brings Order to Chaos.

  • Genesis 2:4-25: Relationship Requires Responsibility.

  • Genesis 3: Sin Promises Satisfaction, but Delivers Disappointment.

  • Genesis 4: Proactive Preparation Against Temptation is Necessary to Propel You Toward Your Potential in Christ.

  • Genesis 5: Life is Limited, but Not Wasted When Devoted to God.

  • Genesis 6-9: God Delivers Those Who Walk With Him by Faith.

  • Genesis 11: Rely on God and Faithfully Follow Him.

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